Discovery, Adventure, and Action in 2019

We’ve already had a couple posts about resolutions, creating who you want to become, and other thoughts about starting the New Year.  Today let’s add to that discussion and allow me to share some of my thoughts on how I’m approaching 2019… 

As I always do, I have selected a word for the New Year, to best summarize where I want to go in it.  The one I’ve chosen for 2019 is DISCOVERY.

I believe life is about seasons of change.  You guys who follow me on the podcast know, I’ve decided to have my fourth midlife crisis, and reprioritize some things in my life.  As my body gets older, and my mind gets younger – I am feeling a strong headwind on chasing more success, and a stronger tailwind towards pursuing significance.

And to do that, I feel I need to become a more disciplined explorer and discover more.  Not to “find” myself, but to discover new ways in what I can create myself.  Discover the areas I must grow in, in order to become the highest possible version of myself.

And then take that discovery and apply it in my work as a coach, author and podcaster – to help you and all of the other people who follow my work – to help you become the highest possible version of yourselves.

I’m looking forward to our adventure together.

So how about you???

Here are a few questions for you.  And they’re not just rhetorical.  I’d love to see your answers in the comments below.

What’s your wish for yourself in the New Year?  Do you have a word to summarize where you want to go?  What are some of the daily habits and behaviors you’re starting, to become the highest possible version of yourself?

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